With Sympathy. With Empathy. NCK& Friends

Time to get deep now. I pretty much have to as this post focuses on spirituality and this is the controlling factor of our lives whether you are conscious of it or not. I write books for the YA market that deal with my perceived anchors of spirituality for young women, and that is an important concern for such inner growth in them. It’s a grand time for the building of the hermetic self of a young woman – and we all know as human animals what a powerful source of progress they are to our society (as we know it).

To let you know, I define my “religion” as Unitarian Theosophist. Although born and raised Roman (Irish) Catholic, I had taken that faith as a stepping stone into another spiritual realm as I had discovered more about the inner workings of my formative religious path. Kabbalah, as this podcast dissects, is scary to many. Some of the fearful types out there may even brand it as “evil.” Not so. It’s just old. That’s it! Many human faiths refer to it or aspects of it and have re-uptaken its tenants into their own. Remember, humanity is over 200,000 years young and we are masters at mixing up the messages.

NCK& Friends is a wonderful podcast that I think you all should listen to. There is a wellspring of great interviews on the site and you can pick and choose what you want to hear and take the rest home in a (spiritual) doggie bag.

The interview with life-coach Tracy Crossley was excellent. It examined the nature of sympathetic magicks that have been employed unto her clients for good or ill. Kabbalah is very powerful in that it is a practice of magick that can be persuasive whether it be used for beneficent or malevolent means. It is a source of persuasion and that is why many fear it. As it draws on the powers of extra-dimensional entities, one can be influenced either for love or fear depending on the individual. It can make another do something and practitioners of it can choose to wield it for the helpful or the foul. Either way, we unwittingly use it every day. Have you ever written a check? Or a note on the refrigerator? Sure, and what you have done is spelled. Yes, you are a practitioner of magick now! Congratulations, you have cast a spell! You have caused something in your environment to change. Something to happen. You have influenced another.

And that’s Kabbalah! That’s all there is to it at the basic level. Our literacy and our social allowances have blessed us with such a great time to be alive because our tools and knowledge in the 21st century have made remarkable advances in sympathetic magick. With the power of the internet (as nascent as it is) I can convince someone in Kuala Lumpur to do something all the way from Chicago. In nanoseconds. Well, theoretically. That’s Kabbalah in action. Applied Kabbalah. So, whether or not you fear it, you, reading this on the Web, are using it – and so am I.

The podcast breaks down how this force has been used upon Ms. Crossley’s clientele. Many of them have come to her with problems and have complained of sinister uses of sympathetic magicks that have stripped them of their power and will. Especially women. Take a look at Macumba (Voodoo). This is a flavor of Kabbalah that is very in touch with the art of persuasion and empathic manipulations. It can heal, it can kill, and it can revive in ways you may not like. Then if we look to the Eastern world, we all have heard of Karma. Same difference.

Tracy goes on to remind you that no matter what spell is cast (a cop spelling out a traffic ticket, for example), you have free will to not allow such persuasions to affect you. Some spells are stronger than others, but you do have the choice (the will) to disregard what you want.

Personally, I do believe that humans who know this art very well have been using their knowledge for selfish means and are in the control of our society right now. Not so much for money (a spell) but for power. This doesn’t mean that all is hopeless as many are using it for constructive purposes that can counter them. NCK&Friends is a positive transmission that I believe is a refreshing place for anyone to listen and be inspired. Great stuff.

NCK& Friends:  http://www.blogtalkradio.com/nckabbalah

Tracy Crossley: http://tracycrossley.com/


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