Yeah, I’m on Goodreads Now. Awesome.

Whoo-hoo! I am finally an official Goodreads author! My first novel, The Ancients and the Angels: Celestials, has finally garnered me Goodreads authorship! The site gives your presence as an author a pretty good overview. It allows you not only to network with other readers but other authors. Already I’m being followed by up-and-coming literary names like Zoe Saadia, David Moody and Rachel Morgan.

An author can post his/her blog to the newsfeed, receive announcements, post giveaways, post personal events and readings or any public appearances. You can link to your sales page or any other point-of-purchase to drive more customers to your book. This is a great opportunity to break the ice and gather a legion of readers to your fanbase. Authorship grants so many other privileges that I haven’t yet explored because there are so many available!

Plus, Goodreads hosts a wellspring of groups, many of them tailored to the genre for which you write. Including Bizarro! On these you can introduce yourself and everyone will be in awe at the Author’s Badge on your profile. Members will throw little golden pickles at you in reverence whilst you bask in narcissistic glory.

But seriously, this is a great promotional tool for authors, especially if you are indie/small press. So, if you have indeed written and published and you want to get the message of your book out there, sign up for the Goodreads Author program to drive those results home!

First, you will need to join the Goodreads Librarian Group and request your title to be listed. Follow their directions and then you will be able to apply for an author’s status. That’s about all there is to it. At first I was a bit confused and daunted as to how to navigate the site and make authorship happen, but if you follow my directions above, you won’t have that problem. As I’ve posted before, I’m my own canary in the coal mine.

Give Goodreads a look and see how it can help you grow as an author and a reader!


2 Responses to “Yeah, I’m on Goodreads Now. Awesome.”

  1. That may be the first time I’ve been referred to as an “up-and-coming literary name”! Woot!
    Congratulations on officially becoming a Goodreads author 😉

  2. You think you’re hot stuff, huh? I’ve already got FOUR fans on MY page! Whoo-hoo! HAHAHAHAHA!

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