Andersen Prunty and “The Fuckness”

I was a drug counselor in Middletown, Ohio for three years. It’s smack-dab in between Dayton and Cinci. Why do you think they call it Middletown anyway?? My clientele were of the adolescent intensive outpatient population. I almost feel I have a personal connection to this story because I believe it takes place there with these kinds of children.

Andersen knows his lay of the land. Middletown (Middleton, here) is like Mos Eisley in Ohio. A hive of scum and villainy.

Hang on before you hate on me for saying this (truth be told, I don’t care if you do).

The tiny city is a perfect experiment of squeezing the dirt-poor right next door to Ohio Royalty. The former are bullied by society in general to believe that they have nothing ever – EVER – to look forward to and the latter thought that Bush Junior was the best-durn thang that done ever happened to these here U S’s of A.

Prunty focuses on the former – a boy with sweet F.A. in his future or his present. He’s weird and nobody at his podunk school likes him. His parents beat the holy hell out of him on a regular basis. Then one day, they give it to him good – he gets the horns.

Time to kill. The gods of Po’ White Trash have chosen him to get rid of all of his shackles, murder his moron parents, steal the nearest riding lawnmower and go find himself so he can defeat The Fuckness.

Knowing Middletown like I do, it would take a bizarre adventure for the less-than-honeyed to ever hope to bust through the Van Allen belts of hate and despair and allow the last shred of your own personality to shine in the end.

Andersen Prunty is the Graham Greene of the 21st Century and this novel is a testament to that. I know many may think those are tall words for a Bizarro author, but he is so in touch with the human condition that he can take genre and truly examine humanity at its worst – but for the best.


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  1. Everyone loves what you guys are up too. Such clever work and coverage!
    Keep up the superb works guys I’ve you guys to my own blogroll.

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