“Hater” Re-review.

Royal Manaball reviews are so much better than my original Amazon postings because I can add links and pretty pictures. Just thought I’d throw that out.

This review focuses on David Moody’s classic tale of apocalyptic rage simply called Hater. It’s the first of an epic trilogy and nothing less than a page turner. It’s distinctively a British novel, but not like in a Jane Austen way. This book has balls (ahem, I meant bollocks).

I am currently being followed by Mr. Moody on Goodreads, and frankly, this little factoid is keeping me up at night. After all, here is his photo:

Author David Moody. Secretly a fan of The Cure?

Right. Anyway, my original Amazon review of this amazing, and quite unnerving novel begins as follows:

Many survival/post-apocalypse works focus on a person or group who is “fully-prepped” and ready to rock against (insert world-killer here). Not the main character of Hater. Danny is a regular schmuck who pushes files all day that go off somewhere to be filed – again. The only military training he possesses is the ability to fling paperclips dead-center into your eyeball. He probably listened to The Cure in high school. Hell, he probably still does. Unlike novels such as Patriots where the characters have been preparing for (insert world-killer here) since Reagan was president, Danny can barely make it to payday. He’s like so many of us and I enjoy that aspect about him. David Moody really illustrates this well and it brings humanity to a hero that so many of these kinds of novels render as a cartoon (think Duke Nuke’em). Read this and you will most likely identify with the guy on some level. Not to spoil, but later on, fate tips the tables in Danny’s favor which color him blood red. At that point, the novel becomes a frightening commentary on the service-sector, post-industrial lemminghood that has been forced upon so many of us. Wonderful read!


A well-deserved five stars. The rest of the series is great and I still need to check out his proper zombie series “Autumn.”


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