Shameless Self-Promotion

My Goodreads review of The Ancients and the Angels: Celestials.


Well, I wrote the book and I must say it’s a labor of love. Currently in it’s revised form with updated typesetting for better readability, it is available in trade paperback and Kindle editions.

Although the title may connote a religious-based work, the story is indeed a secular romance for the young adult audience.

It does deal with themes of mysticism and theosophical spirituality, but these topics are easy for the uninitiated reader to digest.

With humble, suburban beginnings, the drama unfolds across the earth (and Mars!) and even beyond our prime reality.

Read “Celestials” and you’ll enjoy a combination of planetary, paranormal romance, elegant horror and science fiction culminating into a series of epic battles with the very soil of the earth as the prize.

It’s a soapy space opera. Perhaps a spacey soap opera.

Look for The Ancients and the Angles Volume 2: Archons later this year!


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