Gimmie Indie!

Back in 1988, The U.K. was celebrating its Summer of Love. The Second Summer of Love. Bands, writers and artists from King’s Crossing in Camden to Piccadilly Circus were making themselves known and Rave was the glue that kept them together. Musical monsters such as Blur, The Stone Roses, and Lush congregated together at venues which would become a common ground for all of the who’s-who. One music journo dubbed this nascent collective of immense talent “The Scene That Celebrated Itself.”

Indie publishing could be categorized much like this as well, if you care to see it. Right now, in your back alleys of Barnes and Noble, your left-fields of Amazon and all over Smashwords, indie authors are staking their claims into literary history. We are an eclectic lot, but many of us share so many talents and loves that our product may dovetail each other. This isn’t competition, but consolidation. Enjoy the spirituality of Gail Minchew, the pre-Columbian proto-culture of Zoe Saadia, the pre-human origins of Lada Ray. Oh, and Me.

These are authors that Big Pub fears and they love to send out their muckrakers to defame us. To fear the Monster at the End of this Book. Us. – The Indie Author. Will you continue to turn the pages despite how much Grover begs and pleads that you not? Probably. We love to do what we should not, and you, dear reader, are smart enough to hunger for the yarns that burst through the cobwebbery Big Six shoves down your eyes and into your minds.

I have these brave souls with me in my Twitter, my Goodreads, and my blog. I see these men and women now no matter where I go. No matter where I post. I love their words and I will continue to yearn to see them grow along with me.

Rejoice! A new force of imagination and wonder is here to fill your brains, dear reader. Indie is the future.


One Response to “Gimmie Indie!”

  1. Thanks for the mention, MC! Love the post. Just followed your blog, too 🙂

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