The Window of “Opportunity.”

Willy Wonka has been so gracious enough to allow we indie-plebes to stick our noses into his Chocolate Factory right about…now (Lord, that sounded dirty). Yes, my fellow novelists, HarperVoyager has released the floodgates to all of us who are unsigned and without agency about an hour ago from this writing to submit our unworthy manuscripts so that one day, HBO can make soft-pornographic miniseries of our imaginings. Oh, they would have fun with mine! Oodles of young, supple elfmaids casting their boobies to the wind for no apparent reason. Problem is, I write YA! Wouldn’t be too happy about that, but I would probably have no control over it either.

Ah, but my brainwashed brain has that lust for the Almighty Amerikanski Dollar! My Momma told me I should have a white picket fence by now. Lame. Like, I really don’t want to be responsible for mowing my lawn (that sounded kind of dirty too).

Being the filthy anarchist that I am, I really don’t mind sharing this call to compete with you, dear followers, because I would be just as happy to see any of you snag that winning contract with a Big Six-Shooter as I would for myself. Not so much for the money, but for the approval?

Here is the link to the hog-call:

Right. So with that, I say, let the best man or woman win. They will accept more than one lucky soul, I’d imagine, but follow the guidelines carefully. One false move and you’ll never hear from them.

Give it a shot! If you aren’t aware of this opportunity, this just might be the best post you’ve ever read. An easier road to getting your message out there. I wish you all the best of luck.

Oh, and…Happy Hunger Games.


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