In Review: How To Kill Yourself

No, this isn’t a pro-suicide entry by any means. C.V. Hunt’s novella How to Kill Yourself is funny, irreverent and a bit touching. It really blends genres well in its under-one-hundred pages. Gory horror, Bizarro distortions and even gushy angelic love affairs – like the kind that Yours Truly pens.
One big, gigantic problem with the book – it’s too short.

I’m stupid!

First off, there is so much going on that it demands adventure on epic proportions. A battle for Purgatory. Death herself hiding out in the burbs as a crusty-punk junkie. The Devil in a love affair with the angel who is entitled to rule over the Purgatum. The only problem is that he doesn’t love her back. She is the Devil, after all.
Hey, I know well that less can be more, but in this case, I really need more! As far as the wordsmithing and such, Hunt can spin a well-written yarn. I just wish she had used more yarn. I have to wonder if the book is a sketch for a grander scheme to be released at a later date. Perhaps? Please say “yes,” Ms. Hunt, because the story is so much fun!
You’ll understand the title of the book as you read because it refers to the method of travel between dimensions. I won’t say much more on that, but I was itching to see more of the already-fleshed-out characters going about with more incident and situations.
Being primarily Bizarro, you can’t expect thick, Russian literature, as most works in this genre pride themselves on brevity and open-ended scenarios. As they say in comic-booking – “one thing after another.”
Hunt ties everything up well, it’s just that the ride wasn’t long enough. I’d love to see this tale return in full glory one day if she has the time or interest.


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