Catharsis Review

Holy Snappers!

There are seven billion people, or rather, souls, on this planet right now. Statistically speaking, everyone has a doppelganger.  A person who shares so many qualities with you, that there exists striking similarities.

I write a series of books about life before humanity on our Big, Blue World. So does author Lada Ray.  The synchronicity is astounding!

“Catharsis” is a novelette tackling this same quandary.  And why not? Right now, doomsayers are screaming eschatological epithets for humanity. Transhumanists are telling us with gigantic presentations at T.E.D. that we no longer matter and Mayan shamans say time’s up.

This gets one to think: How did we begin? What made us the warlike entities that build, love, create and destroy?

Ray has no fear, as do I, to tackle this question and you really need to read “Catharsis” to get some insight into the point.

Don’t get me wrong, the book isn’t some diadem like “The Silmarillion” or some faux-history tome like “The Twelfth Planet”. Don’t expect an essay on what life was like in ancient Atlantis down to the statistical output of beans and corn. Be prepared to engage in a wonderful adventure, or rather, preamble, featuring drama and action for a people unlike us – but soon to be.

“Catharsis” is a planetary romance blended with dystopian drama that is like reading John Carter-cum-“The Time Machine”. It’s THAT good. But she only penned it in thirty-plus pages. More to come.

Seriously, I care not that I have a contender to my genre of pre-human romance. I want more than just me and Zechariah Sitchin trying to figure this terrible topic out.

God may not “love” you as you had thought. Your humanity may have awfully mundane beginnings and you may not like knowing them. Deal with it. Love each other and have hope for your species. We all share this Earth with each other just as I do with Lada Ray.

Five Stars.


One Response to “Catharsis Review”

  1. Dear MC, wow! This is such an unexpected, sweet and poignant review of CATHARSIS!




    P.S. I just tweeted and mentioned you on Facebook. You are great! 🙂

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