The Men. The Legends. The Swap

Yeah, I bought a book called “Dick Swap.” So what of it?

When I post this, my Twitter followers are sure to plummet.

Mate, Swap and Die

Never thought it could happen.  The tale is legendary amongst the Bizarro crowd. Dick Swap was unleashed to the public by Anderse, er…  I mean, Andy Boring.

A brilliant tale of love. Brotherly love. Never has a relationship been so sex-charged and yet – platonic.

Two broheimers, Keith and Kevin, have the unnatural talent of being able to swap their gonads. Hey, it can happen!  Well, I guess, but…

As their suburbanoid adventures to the local Applebee’s unfolds, the swapping continues. On one fateful evening of milquetoast debauchery, one of these coveted organs gets ganked by a selfish conquest. Who’s laughing now?

An “epic” quest for the right to male genitalia ensues across the wide nation of America in thirty-five pages of whopping glory! There’s even a police shootout!

It’s like Thelma and Louise for dudes with no attention span.

Despite the vainglorious action permeating the story, the reader can sleep soundly knowing that there is always Applebee’s.

Winner,winner. Chicken dinner.


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