I Won the Booker Award!

Last month I won the Booker Award for The Ancients and the Angels. Not the Booker Prize, mind you, but the award for authors who refuse to live in the real world. And that’s all right by me. Why, I just had my astro-natal chart configured for my birthday and it said that my grasp on reality is being tested. I’ll buy that for a dollar.

Author of Catharsis, Lada Ray passed this amazing award to me and the rule is that it must be paid forward from one author to another. The recipient must also have that extra something which is outsider to garden variety literature. An element that mavericks beyond what you would normally find on the NYT Bestsellers. So, since she had already won, I suppose I can’t slap it back at her. No worries, there are are about five other authors out there as richly deserving as her. Not much more, but I think I can find five.

1) Andersen Prunty – King of Bizarro literature. If this guy wrote a grocery list, I’d buy it. He transcends much of what his fellow stablemates of this new genre release in that it still maintains a very human element. As I was once a Buckeye, I can appreciate his focus on SW-Ohio drama. Don’t laugh if you’ve never lived in Cincinnati.

2) James Roy Daley – The new king of Horror. No shit. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, the future of that genre is in Canada and JR is, in my opinion, the guy to follow now that Steve King is, well – that dude should seriously retire. (So should George Romero). Read Terror Town. No, seriously – read it!

3) Bryant Delafosse – Author of The Mall, I can’t wait to read more from this guy. Warps time, milieu and can whip up an amazing premise that hooks you into the drama to come. You gotta read his stuff.

4) Andrzej Sapkowski – Author of The Witcher series. Polish fantasist who takes the time-beaten genre of low fantasy and takes it as low as you can get.

5) Maureen F. McHugh – Her anthology After the Apocalypse is a wonderful examination of what happens to people when the shit hits the fan. She throws all kinds of situations and analyzes how people, especially women, cope and deal with the stressors of life right after the lights go out.

So there’s the who’s-who of this wonderful award. I thank Lada Ray again for passing this on and I wish you all the best!


One Response to “I Won the Booker Award!”

  1. Great post, MC! Enjoy the award! 🙂

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