Author Spotlight – Andersen Prunty

I am going to try this exercise out for now. Author spotlights which focus on writers I have been following. My first in the stable is Andersen Prunty.


Wow. This guy is a forerunner of the Bizarro movement. Bizarro is a writing genre which cares nothing for conformity in any way, shape or form. Expect pop culture references (BAD ones) and squids, porn, poop, failure, and heartbreak.

Prunty knows these attributes well and sculpts his tales like a post-po-mo Giacometti or a tarnished Brancusi. He fears no subject matter and no taboo is sacred.  While reading, enjoy disgusting sex, chronic alcoholism, Satanism, retardation, body odor, foul fluids and a crushing sense of oppression that you cannot pinpoint but in a nightmare.

These topics are all written with a spoonful of love. Sincere love.

Andersen hates what you hate, but are afraid to voice. Likewise, he loves what you are ashamed to lust for.

The Undead American Male, cuckolding, depression, oppression, abuse, racism, anti-racism, suicide, and hopeless plans for self-improvement are all fair game within his pages.

I’ve stated before that he is a Graham Greene of the 21st century, and I will not say that lightly. Many Bizarro authors will spin yarns that heap on piles upon piles of confusion-soaked gore and nonsense from the safety of their honeyed retreats, but Andersen Prunty is not afraid of his pain – or yours!

His books are Tex Avery cartoons that will make you cry. They are Disney productions that just may result in suicide.

This is not horror.  This is what you may feel when the lights go out and your bad day continues into Dreamland.

The best books are:

Overwhelming Urge – a survey into Prunty’s flash fiction. This tome gives you a good look at what he writes and what you can expect from some of his meatier compositions.

Fuckness – A chronicle of a poor child thrust on an adventure to save himself from a world that hates him. A  Lord of the Rings where Mount Doom is right in your backyard.

Jack and Mr. Grin – Why did you love her? Was she worth it?

Fill the Grand Canyon and Live Forever – Pick yourself up and kill the system.  Just wean yourself off Xanax and Wendy’s hamburgers first.

Zerostrata – Your family is full of shit.

Satanic Summer – Are you pitching for the right team? Is there one in the first place or do both forces serve the same foul master? You must decide for yourself by the end. Maybe you’re just gullible.

The Sorrow King  – Suicide may not be your decision. Sometimes, it’s unavoidable, but why?

Some of his books are not so heavy. Slag Attack, although steeped in subtext, is a post-apocalyptic survival romp and The Sex-Beast of Scurvy Island is a pornographic parody of porn-culture and Scooby-Doo.

Here we have an author to be reckoned with. He is able to take Bizarro and give such an inhuman movement humanity and I feel that is where he rises above so many of the writers in this stable. Take Lloyd Kauffman plus Harmony Korine and fuse him with David Lynch and Gaspar Noe. A true Breughel of the 21st century.

If you don’t know who any of these directors are – You suck!


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