Author Spotlight: Lada Ray

Lada Ray is a real gem ensconced within the science fiction/fantasy genre. What I really enjoy about her writing is the immense research and accuracy into the themes featured in her plots. Sure, nobody can truly understand what life in Atlantis was like thousands of years ago, but she draws upon logical inferences mixed with modern parallels that render an amazingly realistic civilization.

Don’t get me wrong, this is fantasy, and not alternative history that becomes, well, a dry history book. Expect to have fun and be entertained whilst you turn the pages (or swipe the Kindle).

I had begun my voyage into Ms. Ray’s fantasies with her excellent book Catharsis. It details the struggles of prototypical human life thousands of years ago – on another planet! You can read my five-star review of this work in this link.

Now she brings us The Earth Shifter. This novel is a companion to Catharsis and is what I could compare to Pynchon’s Gravity’s Rainbow in theme, but it’s actually enjoyable to read and understand upon your first go-through. Much like Gravity’s Rainbow, the tale involves the concept of remote viewing and sympathetic communication. Sympathetic as in sympathetic magick a’la H.P. Blavatsky. Throw in a bit of Baron Lytton’s The Coming Race and you have The Earth Shifter. But let me add, unlike The Coming Race, Ray can actually write and is quite the wonderful wordsmith. She will not dumb-down her language for the lazy reader. Her works, all I’ve read so far, really require some study and knowledge for a writer to pull off as well as they do.

I’m not interested in giving away any plot points here, but be prepared to enter a landscape of magick, mysticism and behind-the-scenes history. Here is the book’s Goodreads page which gives you a detailed rundown of the story’s characters and other vital properties. As this is a first in a trilogy, be on the lookout for books two and three in the future.

Another companion to this epic is The Lemurian Crystal, but I cannot seem to find it on Amazon! What’s up with that? Get ready for her third companion piece, Atlantis, to be released this spring. I know I’m getting a copy!

Earlier works are her Accidental Spy series which focuses on a conspiracy-laden investigation by an amateur detective. What begin as local puzzles, unfold into international – and mystical- intrigue. I really need to get a hold of these. The books’ descriptions alone seem right up my alley.

When you read Lada Ray’s works, expect to face a litany of cool stuff. Mysticism, magick, oneironautical travel, remote viewing, the occult, secret societies and a wellspring of accurately-illustrated Russian culture.

Visit Lada’s blog for an in-depth look at her working and writing process. Her official website can be found here.

Update! Straight from the author, The Lemurian Crystal will be available in March with Atlantis following shortly thereafter.


16 Responses to “Author Spotlight: Lada Ray”

  1. What a wonderful intro, MC! Thank you for your enthusiasm and support. I am very happy you are enjoying The Earth Shifter!

    Just to let you know, Lemurian Crystal (Earth Keepers Chronicle #2) is coming out this March. Atlantis (EKC #3) will follow shortly after. I will have all the info on my blog and website.

    Thanks so much for your interest! 🙂

    Lada Ray

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    This way, a lot more people will read your great article.
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  3. I agree wholeheartedly, Ms Ray is quite a talented storyteller. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed her latest epic novel, and was totally absorbed by the story line and memorable characters. The adventure inspires self reflection and a healthy dose of rebellion. Undoubtedly there is real evil in the world and people are slowly awakening to the global conspiracy cabal which affects our collective destiny. Lada weaves a compelling tale which addresses the power players, corruption, conspiracies, along with Christ like saviors and redeemers of humanity. A very satisfying and well written adventure worthy of a LOTR type quest for truth, justice and salvation. 😀

    • Such an awesome opinion of this book, 1Earth. I am reading it a second time. This book is like the most delicious orange and you must keep peeling. No two reads are the same. Lada is a bloody genius!

  4. And further, I agree that we humans are at an impasse now, a challenge. Nobody will announce that a Kaliuga has come to pass with blasting trumpet. You must stop, look, and listen for such trials and learn to survive with a shred of your soul intact.

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  6. Wow! Thanks so much for the nice words MC and Maddy!

    I’ve posted a link to this post on my blog:

    I think this discussion is well worth continuing. We, are at a crossroads for sure, and I intend to continue writing about that. Stay tuned, much more coming your way!

  7. Just recently read my first Lada Ray book, The Earth Shifter, and am still in awe with her writing. I read a lot and like a lot of books but honestly it’s a rare find when I pick up a book that I don’t want to put down. Her’s was it. Thanks for featuring her. Paulette

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