The Future: Near and Distant Dreams

Well, it’s been a bit of a stretch since my regularly-scheduled blogging. Aside from being compelled (obsessively so) to rave on an author spotlight for the immensely talented Lada Ray, I’ve had to take a break from Royal Manaball so that I could finish book two of my opus, The Ancients and the Angels.

Yes, folks, it is done. Prepare to see The Ancients and the Angels, Book Two: Archons hit the shelves early March. Right now, this monster is in post-production.

The saga continues! So many burning questions for my readers will be answered in this volume, yet new mysteries arise! Don’t expect a logical continuation of plot or Celestials Redux with this installment. Not gonna happen.  I don’t work that way and I thank the gods for my ADHD due to this. Do expect a more in-depth examination of the spiritual and mystical realm, yet I won’t bore you with a Theosophical diadem. Archons details a more philosophical approach to my characters and the worlds around them, yet will be pure fun.

This novel is, well, quite grim. Turns of events for Maiden Quen’die Reyliss go south here. WAY south. For younger or more sensitive readers – this addition may piss you off. Too bad. Blood, puke, gore and heartbreak abound. Book Three shall be much worse. Promise.

For the uninitiated – and there are too many of you – to my series, you’ll have to buy The Ancients and the Angels, Book One: Celestials first, or you’ll be completely confused. My stories are intricate and involve quite the investment in the lives of the myriad of characters whom I’ve rendered. I am a fan of Tolstoy, after all. That, and I’m a greedy $cumbag.

Get Celestials HERE!

The Ancients and the Angels - Celestials

So, what more is in store for M.C.? Let’s see… I’m going to have to put wee Quen’die and company back in the toybox for a bit. My next literary foray is into the realm of the bizarre. I’m penning a Bizarro book chock-full of short and micro fiction, followed by a full-length Bizarro novel. Must warn you, it’s NOT YA. Nasty, filthy and scatty things abound here. It wouldn’t surprise me if I get put on the “no-fly” list after I unleash this. Rockin’!

I can’t help it! Lately, I’ve been reading the fine works of Bizarro writers like Andersen Prunty, William Pauley III, Gina Ranalli, Sam Pink and Jeff Burk. These brave souls care not for convention, and neither do I, frankly. Never did.

Good news! I have now gained the attention of my first (well, possible) literary agent! We’ll see what becomes of this, but I never want to test the energies of the universe, so I won’t go into too much detail with that. Hatching chickens and whatnot.

Right, then. More author spotilights and reviews on the way in the coming weeks and months. Get ready for surgical examinations of Gina Ranalli, Sam Pink, and many other talents. I have also gained a personal photographer to my stable- the multi-talented Indigo Moran, CEO of Enchanted Waters Photography. Soon, you shall see what I look like! (Gods help us). No, seriously, she makes me look hot. Almost as good as KISS back when they still wore makeup. Shout it out loud!


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