Musical Top Ten – What’s In Your Bag?

Musical Top Ten- What’s in Your Bag? : What do you authors listen to for inspiration?

Music is, well, a muse for any artist and writers are not immune to this agent. So, with that, I wonder what you writers listen to before or while writing. Please post the video if you can find it.

1)      Recorded well before Blade Runner hit the screens, AB/7A (ABBA) by Throbbing Gristle is an effervescent cascade of electronic dreams that psyches me up before any writing session. There are no real words, so I can concentrate on my own while I tap out my romances.

2)      BBC sound engineer Chris Carter’s Beat from The Space Between (1980) is proto-electro sickness. Pure sexxx.

3)      NONVenus and Mars. Boyd Rice is hated by many but loved by those who count. Remember: We live on a rock between Venus and Mars. Live and die in this waterfall of noise. Love is lovely. Hate is great!

4)      Ruslana – Dyka Energia. I am learning Ukie just so I can read the novels this song is promoting! Apparently they regard a transhumanist future where a young clone escapes bondage and kicks the Illuminati’s ass. You go, girl! Very uplifting – and addictive.

5)      New OrderMovement 1981- Chosen Time. “I’ve got a friend in here somewhere who can help me out.” This is beautiful music that soundtracks early-morning gloaming. Drink with hot cocoa, please.

6)      StereolabNoise of Carpet. Ah, collegiate memories. I hate your state of hopelessness. Motorik justice! This world WILL give you anything! (RIP Mary Hansen).

7)     Spectrum – Owsley. A tribute to the godfather of LSD. Lovely drone that blends senses into synesthesia.

8)      Crystal CastlesAir War. The only popsong I can find sung in ancient Atlantean. Elves are go!

9)      KaskadeMove for Me. Reminiscent of driving home down Lake Shore Drive at 4 a.m. and everything is amazing under the sci-fi, milky-violet dome of our pollution. Gods bless industry. Gods bless Chicago.

10)   Three Dog NightThe Road to Shamba’la. I sometimes wake up with this song in my head. Sometimes I’m happy, sometimes I cry. When I finally find this place, I can go on.


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