The Ancients and the Angels on the Jeff Daugherty Show!

I’ve been following the Jeff Daugherty Show for a while now and, I must say, one particular transmission I just tuned in to was the most surreal I’ve ever enjoyed – and I was the guest! HAHAHA!

Topics ranged from elves, Atlantis, the Pope, Orgone motors, pantheism, Theosophy, Sun Tzu, Gandhi, the meta-mechanics of spirituality, and, of course, giant goldfish. BIG ones.

All within one half hour!

Just listen to it here!

Gods, I’m a weird dude. But that’s what you get with yours truly.

Jeff is a brave man. His podcast, NCKabbalah has featured an array of open-minded, spiritual reviews ranging from Theistic Satanism (no fooling), Scientology, atheism, and Catholicism. And everything in between.

I’m not going to talk about any of that stuff here. You’ll just have to tune in to the show and make your own decisions.

Sure, I got to plug my YA saga The Ancients and the Angels, but that really wasn’t the crux of this amazing evening. I was privileged to chat with a new friend in ways I just don’t get to in my day-to-day life.

My half hour with Jeff was a bit confessional. I felt like I was in Catholic school again divulging my sins – to an audience 93,000 people! What a rush!

As I have been editing my sequel – The Ancients and the Angels: Archons – I’ve had to cunctate this review of my experience that evening for a couple of days. But this just makes me realize how far things have come along for my writing in my first year as a published novelist! Just the week prior, I was the featured guest on the Vinny Eastwood Show!

As you listen to our podcast, Jeff hits on some amazing insights involving harmony for our world. We, as a species, need to unify our efforts as well as spiritual energies without forgetting to celebrate our differences and divergences. In my opinion, the world needs it now more than ever, and it’s not just a physical need, but a spiritual one.

Yes, we can solve today’s problems on their surfaces, but without examining our spiritual health and galvanizing it through our awareness, those issues will just return again one day. Maybe tomorrow? Cycles can repeat quickly once their extinction has been reset to zero.

With that in consideration, you can only begin this journey by creating yourself. That’s New Covenant Kabbalah’s creedo and I must say I agree with it.

Every type of change is like a death for the human mind and spirit. Change of career, change of location, change in how one views their system and how to go about dealing with that new-found knowledge. No matter if it’s a positive change, we grieve for a bit in the memory of what was (even if it was bad for us) and begin to grow once we’ve accepted it. In some ways, I feel like I’ve been finally able to accept my new role in my own life.

Tune in to the New Jeff Daugherty Show, Monday-Thursday at 10 p.m. on BlogtalkRadio! He’s a great guy with great guests and you can always find something new to learn. I never come away from an episode empty.



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