What REAL Celestials are saying about…CELESTIALS!

Yes folks, it is only a couple of weeks away until my grand release of Book Two of The Ancients and the Angels series! But word on the wire is that real celestial entities are taking their jabs and stabs at Book One: Celestials! You can find it here!


So, without further ado, let’s see what these spiritual celebs had to say about my Magnum Opus!

C’mon! Elves? Are you fucking kidding Me? – God.

My wife’s in the book, but what about me? It’s all about ME! – Buddha.

At least M.C. remembered to give us Aussies some ink in this one.– Galeroo.

M.C. did a pretty tight rendition of me, but, in reality, I have far more than six wings.” – Archangel Gabriel.

10010101010111010001010111101010. – METATRON.

That ass of a writer, M.C. O’Neill wrote the children’s story I had always wanted to pen! It isn’t fair! – Aleister Crowley.

DERP! – Bunyip.

Why am I not in this? Oh, that’s right! I don’t give a shit! – Cassiel.

I haven’t read it yet, but I really hope M.C. didn’t depict me as a fatass. – Glasya Labolas.

“M.C. penned me as this cantankerous cat lady. I’ll have you know, I am in a very happy and healthy relationship! – Bastet.

Yo, M.C.! Thanks for dedicating an entire portion of your book to me. You should follow me on Twitter, dude! – Lucifer.

Cookies! – The Baphomet.

Eh, who’s ‘Sammian?‘” – Azazel.

“Elves are awesome! – Jesus.

Jesus, are you smoking weed again? – The Virgin Mary.

Well, there you have it – the words from the Beyond! Get Celestials today and be sure to pick up a copy of its sequel, Archons in a couple of weeks! Hot off the presses!


One Response to “What REAL Celestials are saying about…CELESTIALS!”

  1. Hi Mark, a very special mention for you! I’ve mentioned you and included your review of THE EARTH SHIFTER in my Book Review Fest. It’s also included on back cover and Praise page of the paperback. Check it out! http://ladaray.wordpress.com/2013/03/10/the-earth-shifter-review-feature-fest/

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