Lester’s Interdimensional Midnight Outcall

James Roy Daley is not only the CEO of Books of the Dead Press, he is also the amazing author of Terror Town, Into Hell, The Dead Parade and plenty of other tales of terror. Just to warn you, NONE of his works are for the faint of heart. I had written an author’s profile detailing his career a while back and you can read about that here.

Well, today I had the honor of finally being published by Books of the Dead Press after submitting my piece of flash fiction. What a great honor and opportunity!

At first, I was nervous. How could I possibly be worthy of having anything with the BOTDP stamp of approval? We all get these jitters when faced with giants. David felt the same apprehension when facing off with Goliath.

Well, it turned out my aim was true! My piece, Lester’s Interdimensional Midnight Outcall was given the greenlight! Can you guess what the story’s about?

All right, time’s up. Click the pic and devour the creamy goodness.


As always, anything related to James Roy Daley requires a Misfits song. This one is too apropos for my story.


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