Authors! Join Lada Ray’s YA Revolution

Thanks to the genius of author Lada Ray, I have been recruited into an army, and an amazing one at that. With this transmission, I present to you the YA Revolution!

Here is the YA Rev HQ!


Lada Ray has been a gigantic inspiration for me, even though I’ve only known of her for a few months. To let you know, she is the author of The Earth Shifter saga and its accompanying mini-saga, The Earth KeepersYou can read my Author spotlight of her work here.

It bears repeating. The following is my FIVE STAR Amazon review of The Earth Shifter and I really suggest that all of you Manaballers read it. I’ve stated that it’s the best book I’ve read in two years, and I stand behind that.



This is the main saga written in tandem with Ms. Ray’s series “The Earth Keeper.” Read her book “Catharsis” to get a rundown of an amazing preamble to humanity itself!

Warning: Lada Ray knows more about human nature than Gandhi himself!

With that said, she is able to craft a wonderful tale that will entertain where other writers would steer their great knowledge into penning a pedantic. I’m so glad she didn’t go that route. The Earth Shifter is a very “aware” novel, but one that fails to preach overtly, thus not suffering the reader with a moral or lesson. These elements are present, yes, but encapsulated in the guise of a thrilling tale.

But really, once you’ve read the book, you’ll be quite frightened (and I do mean FREAKED) to see how prescient the themes presented are. After all, our world has just been attacked by meteors…

In all seriousness, you can’t take my word for it. Read “The Earth Shifter” and you’ll see a new definition to YA fantasy. I cannot wait to read further into Ms. Ray’s masterful works!

Loved this!


Lada will be doing a virtual world book tour for The Earth Shifter series from April 30th until May 2nd.

Look, folks, the reason the YA Revolution had to occur is for authors of the many Young Adult genres to use this opportunity to promote works that carry a positive message to the youth that read them. As stated on the YA Rev HQ, e-publishing can offer writers the ability to publish spiritually-sickening, low-frequency garbage, only to slap on the YA metatag just to drive youth traffic to their products. When I used the word “sickening,” I do mean that in a holistic sense.

But, as I’ve reviewed in my post about the dubious nature of The Hunger Games Omnibus, Big Six publishers are also guilty of pumping out negative-frequency tales. Due to the power of words and “spelling,” when a reader engages with a book, that person is experiencing an intimate form of magick. It doesn’t matter what your message or intent, it simply is what it is, and authors need to know this and take responsibility for it. It’s inherent to the craft of writing and there is no getting around that.

With that being said, and let me state for the record, that YA Revolution books have all the action and drama that you could hope to enjoy with your purchase, but the violence isn’t glorified. The “bad guys” aren’t your friends, and if they appear so, it’s all a ruse.

I vow never to underestimate the intelligence of the youth, but the human brain can continue to grow until the whopping age of twenty-six! The mind is a labyrinth and we at the YA Revolution promise to not pollute it with minotaurs. Eh… I meant that figuratively. YAR-writers can have all the minotaurs they want in their books!

At the time of this transmission, The YA Revolution has new writers joining its ranks every day! Fantasy authors such as Lada Ray, M.C. O’Neill (that’s me!), Maria DeVivo, author of The Coal Elf, and Aussie novelist Dionne Lister who pens the Circle of Talia saga have joined or expressed great interest.

You said you want a revolution, well, you’ve got it!




18 Responses to “Authors! Join Lada Ray’s YA Revolution”

  1. Excellent post, Mark! Agreed with all you say!

    I’ll reblog it. 🙂


  2. IT HAS BEGUN!!! 🙂

  3. I think it’s an awesome idea! I know a lot of people who would agree with the idea that a lot of YA is inappropriate for the age group it’s targeted to and some of it is absolute rubbish. I think honesty in publishing is important.

    • Yeah, I’m so glad Lada came up with this idea. Heck, one day it might even become a publishing label! Who’s to say? Heh, YA Revolution would definitely be a press I could feel good about writing for. One thing is, Lada can make things happen!

      • I’m hoping we can develop this into a real movement. When we accumulate enough membership, we may wan to do a real directory, giveaways and other promos.
        Love your idea about the publishing label, Mark! We’ll be working on it. 🙂

        Meanwhile, feel free to list your books on YAR page!

    • Very well said, Dionne! 🙂

  4. Reblogged this on Lada Ray Blog and commented:
    THE EARTH SHIFTER Virtual Tour continues! It is my pleasure to reblog author Mark O’Neill’s post featuring his 5 Star review for THE EARTH SHIFTER, as well as his thoughts and ideas on our #YARevolution. Mark is an original thinker and a kindred spirit, and this post (as well as his entire blog) is well worth checking out! Incidentally, Mark will soon be releasing Book 2 of his The Ancients and the Angels YA fantasy series, ARCHONS. Check it out! In the past several months, Mark has been a guest on multiple radio shows. Check out these interesting interviews on his blog! Lastly, Mark has been a great contributor and supporter of our new YA Revolution – for literature with message and meaning! By the way, YA Revolution is taking off! Check it out and join!

    Stay tuned, as more interesting and different features, interviews and posts are coming your way, including Real Russia Video Journey 2: Spectacular Moscow + a very special author interview with author/blogger Jason Sullivan. Jason is one of the best interviewers I’ve ever seen. He makes the subject feel comfortable and asks deep, poignant and revealing questions that no one else dares to ask! His last year’s incredible interview became the “Centerpiece” of my Gold Train Blog Tour. This one will be just as special, I promise!

    Last, but certainly not least, all my ebooks are on huge sale on Amazon: $.99 (or equivalent)! All paperbacks are now available and are on big sale as well! Check them out! Buy links:

  5. Hey, Lada! Thanks for the re-blog! BTW, I have just splurged on the “Accidental Spy” novels! HAPPY!

    And to my fellow Manaballers, get in on Lada’s Virtual World Tour!

  6. Oh, how nice! Thanks for your support, Mark! Hope you like Accidental Spy series 🙂

  7. Awesome idea Lada! Time to separate wheat from the chaff so to speak. I look forward to your Russian post, they read like an insider’s travel guide, revealing hidden secrets and juicy wisdom only a true native would know.
    Mark, it’s great to see you on board. I’ve enjoyed your interview on the Vinny Eastwood show, conspiracies abound!
    Keep on writing/ exposing the truth, the world need you guys. ☼

  8. Rohan 7 Things Says:

    Welcome to the club Mark 🙂 Brilliant idea by Lada, looking forward to helping out in any way I can!

    Keep well, all the best.


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