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In Response to Ksenia Anske.

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Ksenia Anske, author of The Siren Suicides, due in July, had just posted a blog in regards to the time-honored kerfuffle of how one can write a book – Pantsing versus Plotting.

Truth be told, I had just learned of the term “pantsing” last month. No foolin’. For those not in-the-know, it means to “write from the seat of your pants.” Not necessarily stream-of-conscious, but damn close.

Ach… how do I do it? Hmm… Well, when I had written Celestials, I did begin via pantsing, I suppose, but I soon found myself having to keep a “playbook.” This is basically an outline for your plot and a poopsheet for your characters. Now, I don’t mean you have to write everything that is in the bellboy’s closet that won’t even remotely be mentioned in the narrative, but it does file down some of the basics. What they do look like and, most importantly, what they do and don’t know.

I had managed my playbook in a very pantsing style, however. Things would develop and I would outline it as I went along. Remember, your characters are going to wind up writing the story for you eventually. No, they really will, and thus, the plot may change. Does this make me a pantser?

A typical writer's butt.

A typical writer’s butt.

Research. I do it. Only when I need to, though. If I have some sort of technical question, the wonderful world of the Interwebz will fulfill my need in a jet-flash. No excuse for technical inaccuracies anymore.

Normally, I’ve always thought of myself as a plotter, but I think I do rely on the wind to carry me more so than I imagine. My proofer and my editing phases or “passes” (I never think of them as “drafts.” I just don’t), take care of everything from the major transgressions to the minor peccadillos. MS Word is vertical, and I figure my process in a linear fashion.

Ksenia writes that she produces no less than two thousand words a day. I’m pretty much on base with her. During this principal production phase (my first “draft”), I write and write and do so simply via the little animated cartoons going on in my imagination.

That’s easy for me since I am, by trade, a graphic designer. Visual play is second nature to me, so as long as the film keeps rolling in my head, I can translate that into written drama.

I am not educated in English or Comp. Lit. or Creative Writing – nothing like that. Big University styles and shibboleths are more or less unknown to me. Because of this, I don’t kvetch for hours on end over, “It t’was the Schooner Hesperus! No, no. It WAS the Schooner Hesperus…”  Sure, I enjoy a certain beat or music to my writing, but I just let that come as it does and edit out the chaff during a later “pass.” Resting upon this knowledge, I just tap away during principal production and this does make the words flow in an easier fashion for me. I won’t stop until I hit that goal, because this is my job like any other and I’m not allowed to punch out early.

Due to this semi-pantsing process, if someone doesn’t enjoy my final “gold-phase” product, well, that’s just a question of that reader not liking my style. There’s plenty of styles out there and far more readers.


Author Spotlight: ME! M.C. O’Neill (Thanks to Lada Ray)

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Hey, Manaballers. I just have to say that I’ve been needing to give the old Royal Manaball more love, but May has been hectic and everything happens all at once, you know? Short story submissions, Novel releases and formatting, and, as always, editing.

Whatever. The work paid off and the tree bringeth me fruit. In my one year of first being published, I’ve had such an amazing experience. Two novels under my belt. Interviews on The Vinny Eastwood and Jeff Daugherty Shows. Interviewed by THEE Maria DeVivo, author of the Amazing Coal Elf (which is soon to be a series of books). A spotlight on the Silver Bullet Sunday, Flash fiction published by the Stephen King of Canada – James Roy Daley, as well as work published in the blog Writing Upside-Down (a big favorite of mine).

Need I brag more? Well, yeah I do. The astounding paranormal author Lada Ray, who pens the mighty Earth Shifter series AND it’s ancillary series The Earth Keeper, actually blogged an Author Spotlight on me! It’s so cool. You can read it right here.

How ya like me now? Photo credit: Indigo Moran

How ya like me now? Photo credit: Indigo Moran

I can’t find the words to thank her enough! It’s a big highlight for me and I am forever grateful, mainly because she is a visionary and a forerunner of the YA Revolution. As many of you may know, the YA Revolution is a collection of YA writers who are driving this reader demographic toward the light and away from that trite nonsense which gluts the market (and may bottom it out) this very day. We aim to hold line – by doing something new.

YA Revolution!

YA Revolution!

Well, I’m going to take the rest of the day off because I need to reboot my brain. You do know that I’m a cyborg? But that’s okay!

Speaking of cyborgs, I just read a book about Mr. T who became a cyborg zombie. No foolin’. It had the funniest line of dialogue in literary history: “Don’t give Mr. T. no jibber-jabber! Lemme eat them brains, fool!”

What REAL Celestials are saying about…CELESTIALS!

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Yes folks, it is only a couple of weeks away until my grand release of Book Two of The Ancients and the Angels series! But word on the wire is that real celestial entities are taking their jabs and stabs at Book One: Celestials! You can find it here!


So, without further ado, let’s see what these spiritual celebs had to say about my Magnum Opus!

C’mon! Elves? Are you fucking kidding Me? – God.

My wife’s in the book, but what about me? It’s all about ME! – Buddha.

At least M.C. remembered to give us Aussies some ink in this one.– Galeroo.

M.C. did a pretty tight rendition of me, but, in reality, I have far more than six wings.” – Archangel Gabriel.

10010101010111010001010111101010. – METATRON.

That ass of a writer, M.C. O’Neill wrote the children’s story I had always wanted to pen! It isn’t fair! – Aleister Crowley.

DERP! – Bunyip.

Why am I not in this? Oh, that’s right! I don’t give a shit! – Cassiel.

I haven’t read it yet, but I really hope M.C. didn’t depict me as a fatass. – Glasya Labolas.

“M.C. penned me as this cantankerous cat lady. I’ll have you know, I am in a very happy and healthy relationship! – Bastet.

Yo, M.C.! Thanks for dedicating an entire portion of your book to me. You should follow me on Twitter, dude! – Lucifer.

Cookies! – The Baphomet.

Eh, who’s ‘Sammian?‘” – Azazel.

“Elves are awesome! – Jesus.

Jesus, are you smoking weed again? – The Virgin Mary.

Well, there you have it – the words from the Beyond! Get Celestials today and be sure to pick up a copy of its sequel, Archons in a couple of weeks! Hot off the presses!

The Ancients and the Angels on the Vinny Eastwood Show!

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Vinny Eastwood is one of those pioneer podcasters that really breaks the mold for conspiracy theory reportage. Transmitting from his command center in, as he calls it, “beautiful Fukushima-irradiated Auckland, New Zealand,” Mr. Eastwood works day and night to bring his viewers truth and awareness.

Yours truly was fortunate enough to secure a guest spot on this amazing show and here I discussed many interesting topics with this audacious Kiwi. Good times were had and you can see it right here!

Direct Video Link:

My first book, The Ancients and the Angels: Celestials, features several key conspiracies that parallel what is happening to this very day, but on an ancient earth ruled by elves. This book has it all: compromised governments, spiritual warfare, occult conspiracy and child sacrifice. A ruse perpetrated by low-frequency entities, social panic, disinformation, martial law and a criticism of Rapture theory.

You can find this great book here on Kindle and trade paperback!

The Ancients and the Angels - Celestials

Aside from plugging my novel, Vinny and I examined the nature of conspiracy theories and what it is like for a person to become aware to the fact that much of what you have been told your entire life may be not as advertised and how to deal with it once that pitcher of cold truth has been splashed in your face. Another great topic we touched upon is the predictive programming prevalent in the media aimed toward the youth of today’s generation, and namely, in YA literature.

As for the truth, I have developed a four-level scale of conspiracy veracity. How well-documented or proven is what you learn all over the internet and other dark corners of the globe? Click the pic below for a higher resolution.


Also featured is what’s in store for M.C. in the future. In March, I’ll be releasing the thrilling sequel to The Ancients and the Angels: Celestials entitled The Ancients and the Angels: Archons! In this grand addition to the series, the drama continues and even more conspiracy abounds as this saga delves into the realm of horror.  Mass mind control and demonic possession. A bio-engineered depopulation agenda featuring chimeric bio-technologies and ancient chemtrails. Not to forget, the TRUTH behind crop circles – and it ain’t UFO’s…

I always give props where props are due, and great new friends and talents such as Lada Ray, author of The Earth Shifter series, Jeff Daugherty of NCK & Friends podcast, and author Maria DeVivo of The Coal Elf  were mentioned on this transmission.

Click the vid to see the author of this great series in hi-def glory on the Vinny Eastwood Show! It’s the lighter side of genocide! Be sure to donate to the show and grab a copy of my book at or Barnes and!

So, become a fan!

Follow Vinny’s amazing site here!

Follow Vinny’s Youtube Channel – MR NEWS!

Find my official Goodreads author page here!

Find me on Shelfari!

Follow me on Twitter!

The Future: Near and Distant Dreams

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Well, it’s been a bit of a stretch since my regularly-scheduled blogging. Aside from being compelled (obsessively so) to rave on an author spotlight for the immensely talented Lada Ray, I’ve had to take a break from Royal Manaball so that I could finish book two of my opus, The Ancients and the Angels.

Yes, folks, it is done. Prepare to see The Ancients and the Angels, Book Two: Archons hit the shelves early March. Right now, this monster is in post-production.

The saga continues! So many burning questions for my readers will be answered in this volume, yet new mysteries arise! Don’t expect a logical continuation of plot or Celestials Redux with this installment. Not gonna happen.  I don’t work that way and I thank the gods for my ADHD due to this. Do expect a more in-depth examination of the spiritual and mystical realm, yet I won’t bore you with a Theosophical diadem. Archons details a more philosophical approach to my characters and the worlds around them, yet will be pure fun.

This novel is, well, quite grim. Turns of events for Maiden Quen’die Reyliss go south here. WAY south. For younger or more sensitive readers – this addition may piss you off. Too bad. Blood, puke, gore and heartbreak abound. Book Three shall be much worse. Promise.

For the uninitiated – and there are too many of you – to my series, you’ll have to buy The Ancients and the Angels, Book One: Celestials first, or you’ll be completely confused. My stories are intricate and involve quite the investment in the lives of the myriad of characters whom I’ve rendered. I am a fan of Tolstoy, after all. That, and I’m a greedy $cumbag.

Get Celestials HERE!

The Ancients and the Angels - Celestials

So, what more is in store for M.C.? Let’s see… I’m going to have to put wee Quen’die and company back in the toybox for a bit. My next literary foray is into the realm of the bizarre. I’m penning a Bizarro book chock-full of short and micro fiction, followed by a full-length Bizarro novel. Must warn you, it’s NOT YA. Nasty, filthy and scatty things abound here. It wouldn’t surprise me if I get put on the “no-fly” list after I unleash this. Rockin’!

I can’t help it! Lately, I’ve been reading the fine works of Bizarro writers like Andersen Prunty, William Pauley III, Gina Ranalli, Sam Pink and Jeff Burk. These brave souls care not for convention, and neither do I, frankly. Never did.

Good news! I have now gained the attention of my first (well, possible) literary agent! We’ll see what becomes of this, but I never want to test the energies of the universe, so I won’t go into too much detail with that. Hatching chickens and whatnot.

Right, then. More author spotilights and reviews on the way in the coming weeks and months. Get ready for surgical examinations of Gina Ranalli, Sam Pink, and many other talents. I have also gained a personal photographer to my stable- the multi-talented Indigo Moran, CEO of Enchanted Waters Photography. Soon, you shall see what I look like! (Gods help us). No, seriously, she makes me look hot. Almost as good as KISS back when they still wore makeup. Shout it out loud!

Shameless Self-Promotion

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My Goodreads review of The Ancients and the Angels: Celestials.


Well, I wrote the book and I must say it’s a labor of love. Currently in it’s revised form with updated typesetting for better readability, it is available in trade paperback and Kindle editions.

Although the title may connote a religious-based work, the story is indeed a secular romance for the young adult audience.

It does deal with themes of mysticism and theosophical spirituality, but these topics are easy for the uninitiated reader to digest.

With humble, suburban beginnings, the drama unfolds across the earth (and Mars!) and even beyond our prime reality.

Read “Celestials” and you’ll enjoy a combination of planetary, paranormal romance, elegant horror and science fiction culminating into a series of epic battles with the very soil of the earth as the prize.

It’s a soapy space opera. Perhaps a spacey soap opera.

Look for The Ancients and the Angles Volume 2: Archons later this year!

First Transmission

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Hello, this is the beginning of my foray into the bloggerverse. Keep posted as I have been so busy with networking and promoting The Ancients and the Angels that it’s been difficult to squeeze in the time to work on Volume Two. Just in case you stumble upon this book on Amazon, you’ll know it by this cool cover:

The Ancients and the Angels - Celestials


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