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Author Interview: Ksenia Anske

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Ksenia Anske is an author of reckoning. Probably the first writer to ever be interviewed by The Huffington Post – without having published! How cool is that? She is the proud author of the brave trilogy The Siren Suicides. It’s an irreal, bizarre and sad tale of Ailen, a teen who commits suicide in order to escape her morbid home life only to transform into a siren, or rather, a vengeful mermaid upon her death. Despite her new-found existence, her problems fail to cease…

This transmission, we are interviewing Ms. Anske and are going to pick her wild brain about her writing process, her books and her coping mechanisms with life, love and happiness as an author. Let’s begin!

The author in her natural environment.

The author in her natural environment.

Hello, Ksenia! So nice to have you on Royal Manaball. We have a few questions that we and many of your fans are sure to be interested.

This is a question I must ask about the nature of Ailen. Is she undead or has she been reborn?

She is undead, kind of like a watery zombie, and she can only be killed by a very high frequency noise that will literally blow her up. It could be done two ways, either the classic old-style way (they’ve been blowing up sirens like this in the Middle Ages) by a whip, cracking it so what it produces a sonic boom, or by a special sonic gun, blasting her at close range into her chest.

Speaking of death and undeath, what does death mean to you? How instrumental of a concept does death hold for your writing?

I was very close to death when I wanted to take my life, but when I decided not to go through with suicide, I sort of felt reborn, but better than reborn, I felt like I was a clean slate, a clean piece of paper, and that I could build my life anew any way I wanted to. Because of this experience death is a very big topic in my books, I suspect, it will be in the future. I tend to have a birth and a death in every one of my novels, so it might become a recurrent theme? In any case, birth and death are two things that are part of life, so I think they have to have central place in any story. And a clock, because life is ticking away and we are closer to our end every minute . I think Chuck Palahniuk said at one of his book tours that I attended that every story needs a birth, a death, and a clock. I took this advice to heart.

Now, as we talk about life, how has your life changed since publishing The Siren Suicides? Does it feel like a rebirth for you?

It felt like a beginning of something new. I couldn’t believe I wrote a whole trilogy (still pinching myself), and because of it I feel like I can write books now. I mean, if you have written 3, then the 4th one doesn’t seem so scary, does it? I have also connected to people on a level the depth of which I couldn’t imagine. These are people I have never met, these are my readers from all over the world, from France, to Australia, to Egypt, to UK, to even Russia (yes, I am from Russia, although I write in English). These people said that they felt EXACTLY like Ailen, and they so far have sent me in the mail: postcards, checks with money, boxes of chocolate, shoes painted with an image of the siren, t-shirts with my quotes, and even flowers. I mean, my readers became my family, and I love them to pieces, and they love me too, across the boundaries of space and time! What else could one ask for?

Once a saga is complete, how does it feel for you? I mean, how do you feel in that it’s over and the main event has passed? Is there a sense of grief that you and Ailen aren’t playing together anymore, or do you feel fine putting her back in the toybox?

I feel relieved. It was very painful to go back into my own memories, extracting my feelings, and writing about them. I had to drag myself almost by the hair every day into my pain, to get it out. I felt cleansed and happy every day after writing, but to start was torture, because everything I’ve written about I have felt for real. Now that it’s over it feels like I cut it out of myself and gave to the world, leaving a hole behind that is already healing, and hopefully is helping others heal as well. So to me it’s a stage of my life that is over, but to every new reader it’s current, happening now, so when I get their feedback, I go back to my story, and think, wow, did I really feel all of this, did I really do through this Writing, like nothing else, has helped me see my own change and growth. It’s an amazing feeling, really. I recommend to everyone to write a novel, just for therapy.

In regard to my previous question, do you feel the characters of your saga are like toys or dolls and your books are the “dollhouse?” I see it this way with my YA work. No matter how grim or grotesque the plot gets, I still have fun playing with my characters and wondering what they might do next.

No, they felt real to me when writing. In general, when I write, I dive into the story fully, as if scribbling down complete scenes of a movie. I get fully submerged into it, with music, images, smells, and touch. That’s why it is hard for me to start sometimes, because to me writing is like acting, I have to get into character, only then do I produce good work. The down side of this is, of course, getting out of character, but that’s a whole another conversation.

Tell us a little about your upcoming release, Rosehead. Does this tale hold similar facets of The Siren Suicides? Is it YA?

It’s very different, on the surface. But deep underneath it has the same longing of a child to have a family, something I never had. So, on the surface, it’s YA. There are no swear words, no nudity, no sex scenes, as there are in Siren Suicides. The main character, Lilith Bloom, a twelve year old from Boston, is very polite, likes ballet, books, and handmade knit berets. Her pet whippet Panther can talk and is her only friend. They typically engage in a very sarcastic banter, imagining themselves Holmes and Watson. Lilith and Panther to Berlin, to Lilith’s gradnfather’s mansion for the family reunion. Alfred Bloom is the owner of BLOOM & CO, the company that grows and produces exclusive roses, shipping them fresh all over the world. And so, the entire book happens in the Bloom property, in the mansion and the rose garden, which eats some very strange things, as Lilith and Panther discover. They embark on an investigation of the mystery, that is both funny and bloodcurdling.

The author in her not-so-natural environment.

The author in her not-so-natural environment.

Now, I do this with all my interviewees – Word Association. I give you a word, and you tell me what comes first to your mind. Shall we?








The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.




Bloody rose.




Zombie monkey chasing me across the field.

Okay, that was painless, yes? Thank you for your time, Ms. Anske and I do appreciate your time with us. We at Royal Manaball wish you all the best of luck with The Siren Suicides Saga and Rosehead. Below are all of the relevant links to Ksenia’s work including her magnificent blog. Be sure to pick up The Siren Suicides today!

Click the pic and get your copy!

Click the pic and get your copy!










M.C. O’Neill Interviewed by Maria DeVivo

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Maria DeVivo is the esteemed author of the wonderful YA novel The Coal Elf.

Just for the record, I can sometimes be a bit of a cold bastard. Yeah, that’s right. A cold bastard, but The Coal Elf had me in tears.


The book is published by Twilight Times Press and is making some real waves in the market. I’ve reviewed it on this blog before and I’d recommend every one of you Manaballers to buy and read it. You can read my five-star review of it here.

When I was approached by Ms. DeVivo to be interviewed on her personal website, I about choked on my egg fu yong! What a remarkable honor! I felt like Stannis Baratheon charging onto King’s Landing for a proper ass-kicking!

On March 28th, the interview went live and you can read it here.

Today I felt like I was lifted upon the shoulder of a giant. Maria is a great writer and I cannot wait for her next offering. I promise to be its first customer.

Thank you so much, Maria. You are one for the YA Revolution!



M.C. O’Neill on The Silver Bullet Sunday!

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Folks, I am on fire this month! It’s time for M.C. O’Neill to conquer Europe!

I’ve been following the Silver Bullet for a while now, ever since I had first seen him on my old pal’s site, The Vinny Eastwood Show!

It’s no surprise – I have much in common with Silver and he provides the viewers with a great and entertaining show. Well, one day earlier this month, the Silver Bullet himself invited me as a special guest to his show! I was so honored! I was featured on Silver Bullet Sunday!

Of course, my series, The Ancients and the Angels, was a topic of focus, but we had to take a journey down the rabbit hole and delve into the secret world of what is really happening behind the scenes of daily life. Thankfully, we didn’t find any rats down there.

Anything and everything from the fiat currency of the Federal Reserve, fake gold cut with tungsten, and even our supposed moon landing were up for game! We even talk here about graffiti art and street art as a method of political awareness.

Yes, we even focused on Vaughn Bode.

Yes, we even focused on Vaughn Bode.

But don’t take my word for it. Watch the show right here! It’s in two parts, so just follow the links and PLAY!



You can find the Silver Bullet Posse at Mystery Management.

And the Mystery Management channel which features all of his videos and shows!

I also want to give a special shout-out to my talented photographer Indigo Moran of Enchanted Waters Photography whose photos of me were featured on the show. Thanks a lot, Indigo!

Indigo Moran of Enchanted Waters Photography

Indigo Moran of Enchanted Waters Photography

Happy Saint Paddy’s Day, everyone!

The Ancients and the Angels on the Jeff Daugherty Show!

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I’ve been following the Jeff Daugherty Show for a while now and, I must say, one particular transmission I just tuned in to was the most surreal I’ve ever enjoyed – and I was the guest! HAHAHA!

Topics ranged from elves, Atlantis, the Pope, Orgone motors, pantheism, Theosophy, Sun Tzu, Gandhi, the meta-mechanics of spirituality, and, of course, giant goldfish. BIG ones.

All within one half hour!

Just listen to it here!

Gods, I’m a weird dude. But that’s what you get with yours truly.

Jeff is a brave man. His podcast, NCKabbalah has featured an array of open-minded, spiritual reviews ranging from Theistic Satanism (no fooling), Scientology, atheism, and Catholicism. And everything in between.

I’m not going to talk about any of that stuff here. You’ll just have to tune in to the show and make your own decisions.

Sure, I got to plug my YA saga The Ancients and the Angels, but that really wasn’t the crux of this amazing evening. I was privileged to chat with a new friend in ways I just don’t get to in my day-to-day life.

My half hour with Jeff was a bit confessional. I felt like I was in Catholic school again divulging my sins – to an audience 93,000 people! What a rush!

As I have been editing my sequel – The Ancients and the Angels: Archons – I’ve had to cunctate this review of my experience that evening for a couple of days. But this just makes me realize how far things have come along for my writing in my first year as a published novelist! Just the week prior, I was the featured guest on the Vinny Eastwood Show!

As you listen to our podcast, Jeff hits on some amazing insights involving harmony for our world. We, as a species, need to unify our efforts as well as spiritual energies without forgetting to celebrate our differences and divergences. In my opinion, the world needs it now more than ever, and it’s not just a physical need, but a spiritual one.

Yes, we can solve today’s problems on their surfaces, but without examining our spiritual health and galvanizing it through our awareness, those issues will just return again one day. Maybe tomorrow? Cycles can repeat quickly once their extinction has been reset to zero.

With that in consideration, you can only begin this journey by creating yourself. That’s New Covenant Kabbalah’s creedo and I must say I agree with it.

Every type of change is like a death for the human mind and spirit. Change of career, change of location, change in how one views their system and how to go about dealing with that new-found knowledge. No matter if it’s a positive change, we grieve for a bit in the memory of what was (even if it was bad for us) and begin to grow once we’ve accepted it. In some ways, I feel like I’ve been finally able to accept my new role in my own life.

Tune in to the New Jeff Daugherty Show, Monday-Thursday at 10 p.m. on BlogtalkRadio! He’s a great guy with great guests and you can always find something new to learn. I never come away from an episode empty.


The Ancients and the Angels on the Vinny Eastwood Show!

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Vinny Eastwood is one of those pioneer podcasters that really breaks the mold for conspiracy theory reportage. Transmitting from his command center in, as he calls it, “beautiful Fukushima-irradiated Auckland, New Zealand,” Mr. Eastwood works day and night to bring his viewers truth and awareness.

Yours truly was fortunate enough to secure a guest spot on this amazing show and here I discussed many interesting topics with this audacious Kiwi. Good times were had and you can see it right here!

Direct Video Link:

My first book, The Ancients and the Angels: Celestials, features several key conspiracies that parallel what is happening to this very day, but on an ancient earth ruled by elves. This book has it all: compromised governments, spiritual warfare, occult conspiracy and child sacrifice. A ruse perpetrated by low-frequency entities, social panic, disinformation, martial law and a criticism of Rapture theory.

You can find this great book here on Kindle and trade paperback!

The Ancients and the Angels - Celestials

Aside from plugging my novel, Vinny and I examined the nature of conspiracy theories and what it is like for a person to become aware to the fact that much of what you have been told your entire life may be not as advertised and how to deal with it once that pitcher of cold truth has been splashed in your face. Another great topic we touched upon is the predictive programming prevalent in the media aimed toward the youth of today’s generation, and namely, in YA literature.

As for the truth, I have developed a four-level scale of conspiracy veracity. How well-documented or proven is what you learn all over the internet and other dark corners of the globe? Click the pic below for a higher resolution.


Also featured is what’s in store for M.C. in the future. In March, I’ll be releasing the thrilling sequel to The Ancients and the Angels: Celestials entitled The Ancients and the Angels: Archons! In this grand addition to the series, the drama continues and even more conspiracy abounds as this saga delves into the realm of horror.  Mass mind control and demonic possession. A bio-engineered depopulation agenda featuring chimeric bio-technologies and ancient chemtrails. Not to forget, the TRUTH behind crop circles – and it ain’t UFO’s…

I always give props where props are due, and great new friends and talents such as Lada Ray, author of The Earth Shifter series, Jeff Daugherty of NCK & Friends podcast, and author Maria DeVivo of The Coal Elf  were mentioned on this transmission.

Click the vid to see the author of this great series in hi-def glory on the Vinny Eastwood Show! It’s the lighter side of genocide! Be sure to donate to the show and grab a copy of my book at or Barnes and!

So, become a fan!

Follow Vinny’s amazing site here!

Follow Vinny’s Youtube Channel – MR NEWS!

Find my official Goodreads author page here!

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