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In Response to Ksenia Anske.

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Ksenia Anske, author of The Siren Suicides, due in July, had just posted a blog in regards to the time-honored kerfuffle of how one can write a book – Pantsing versus Plotting.

Truth be told, I had just learned of the term “pantsing” last month. No foolin’. For those not in-the-know, it means to “write from the seat of your pants.” Not necessarily stream-of-conscious, but damn close.

Ach… how do I do it? Hmm… Well, when I had written Celestials, I did begin via pantsing, I suppose, but I soon found myself having to keep a “playbook.” This is basically an outline for your plot and a poopsheet for your characters. Now, I don’t mean you have to write everything that is in the bellboy’s closet that won’t even remotely be mentioned in the narrative, but it does file down some of the basics. What they do look like and, most importantly, what they do and don’t know.

I had managed my playbook in a very pantsing style, however. Things would develop and I would outline it as I went along. Remember, your characters are going to wind up writing the story for you eventually. No, they really will, and thus, the plot may change. Does this make me a pantser?

A typical writer's butt.

A typical writer’s butt.

Research. I do it. Only when I need to, though. If I have some sort of technical question, the wonderful world of the Interwebz will fulfill my need in a jet-flash. No excuse for technical inaccuracies anymore.

Normally, I’ve always thought of myself as a plotter, but I think I do rely on the wind to carry me more so than I imagine. My proofer and my editing phases or “passes” (I never think of them as “drafts.” I just don’t), take care of everything from the major transgressions to the minor peccadillos. MS Word is vertical, and I figure my process in a linear fashion.

Ksenia writes that she produces no less than two thousand words a day. I’m pretty much on base with her. During this principal production phase (my first “draft”), I write and write and do so simply via the little animated cartoons going on in my imagination.

That’s easy for me since I am, by trade, a graphic designer. Visual play is second nature to me, so as long as the film keeps rolling in my head, I can translate that into written drama.

I am not educated in English or Comp. Lit. or Creative Writing – nothing like that. Big University styles and shibboleths are more or less unknown to me. Because of this, I don’t kvetch for hours on end over, “It t’was the Schooner Hesperus! No, no. It WAS the Schooner Hesperus…”  Sure, I enjoy a certain beat or music to my writing, but I just let that come as it does and edit out the chaff during a later “pass.” Resting upon this knowledge, I just tap away during principal production and this does make the words flow in an easier fashion for me. I won’t stop until I hit that goal, because this is my job like any other and I’m not allowed to punch out early.

Due to this semi-pantsing process, if someone doesn’t enjoy my final “gold-phase” product, well, that’s just a question of that reader not liking my style. There’s plenty of styles out there and far more readers.


The Ancients and the Angels on the Vinny Eastwood Show!

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Vinny Eastwood is one of those pioneer podcasters that really breaks the mold for conspiracy theory reportage. Transmitting from his command center in, as he calls it, “beautiful Fukushima-irradiated Auckland, New Zealand,” Mr. Eastwood works day and night to bring his viewers truth and awareness.

Yours truly was fortunate enough to secure a guest spot on this amazing show and here I discussed many interesting topics with this audacious Kiwi. Good times were had and you can see it right here!

Direct Video Link:

My first book, The Ancients and the Angels: Celestials, features several key conspiracies that parallel what is happening to this very day, but on an ancient earth ruled by elves. This book has it all: compromised governments, spiritual warfare, occult conspiracy and child sacrifice. A ruse perpetrated by low-frequency entities, social panic, disinformation, martial law and a criticism of Rapture theory.

You can find this great book here on Kindle and trade paperback!

The Ancients and the Angels - Celestials

Aside from plugging my novel, Vinny and I examined the nature of conspiracy theories and what it is like for a person to become aware to the fact that much of what you have been told your entire life may be not as advertised and how to deal with it once that pitcher of cold truth has been splashed in your face. Another great topic we touched upon is the predictive programming prevalent in the media aimed toward the youth of today’s generation, and namely, in YA literature.

As for the truth, I have developed a four-level scale of conspiracy veracity. How well-documented or proven is what you learn all over the internet and other dark corners of the globe? Click the pic below for a higher resolution.


Also featured is what’s in store for M.C. in the future. In March, I’ll be releasing the thrilling sequel to The Ancients and the Angels: Celestials entitled The Ancients and the Angels: Archons! In this grand addition to the series, the drama continues and even more conspiracy abounds as this saga delves into the realm of horror.  Mass mind control and demonic possession. A bio-engineered depopulation agenda featuring chimeric bio-technologies and ancient chemtrails. Not to forget, the TRUTH behind crop circles – and it ain’t UFO’s…

I always give props where props are due, and great new friends and talents such as Lada Ray, author of The Earth Shifter series, Jeff Daugherty of NCK & Friends podcast, and author Maria DeVivo of The Coal Elf  were mentioned on this transmission.

Click the vid to see the author of this great series in hi-def glory on the Vinny Eastwood Show! It’s the lighter side of genocide! Be sure to donate to the show and grab a copy of my book at or Barnes and!

So, become a fan!

Follow Vinny’s amazing site here!

Follow Vinny’s Youtube Channel – MR NEWS!

Find my official Goodreads author page here!

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Author Spotlight: James Roy Daley

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Author, musician and Books of the Dead Press impresario James Roy Daley is featured this transmission.

Daley is a talent in the horror business who will one day, and soon, sweep the genre and steer it into a new direction.

When I was a little kid, I had always loved that song The Monster Mash. As corny as it may sound today, it conjured up the coolest amalgam of horror that a child of my bravery could muster. Vampires, werewolves, Franken-monsters and zombies all having a wild party – and you’re invited.

JR does the same, but there is no hokey levity to any of his yarns.

Now, I’ve read some detractors plead that he should choose a genre and stick with it, but why should he? He can take a plot that begins with a mass murder, shove it into inter-dimensional damnation and then twist it into solipsistic, gothic horror. And it works!

This mix isn’t hackneyed Freddie Versus Jason dreck, but more like the mindbending insanity of Cemetery Man.

The focal point of his horror is the resort town of Cloven Rock. I believe it’s off Lake Superior on the Canadian side, but that doesn’t matter. All of his stories somehow generate from this locale and tangentially branch from thereout.

No boogeyman is too much for this author to spin into some of the most soul-crushing renditions of terror, and if you like gore, he doesn’t skimp on the red stuff. Or the green. Or black, for that matter. I hope he never writes a pop-up book, because it would leave you covered in stinking grue by the last page.

Featured works include:

Terror Town – It’s what I consider his magnum oPUS. I capped pus, because there’s plenty of it within the pages. Good gods! If you ever wanted to know what spawned vampires, you’ll have your answer here. The worst monster is a very human serial killer. He’s so terrible that Albert Fish would be like: “Damn, dude! Chill out!” The Joker has been considered to be one of the top-five biggest baddies in literary history, but at least the Joker is loveable if you’re an anarchist. This person of interest in Terror Town is so vile that I found myself wanting to hop into my Kindle and kick this guy’s ass. Unfortunately, I would lose because he’s so damn LUCKY! And this factor makes you hate him all the more as to where you will root for the vamps overrunning the town. I mean, this book really pissed me off just for him alone and I have to give it five stars on that.

The Dead Parade – Take that Zuni fetish from Trilogy of Terror and turn it into your best friend when you have to go up against a Satanic shit-gang of amoral lunatics. Oh yeah, and the town gets destroyed in the process.

Zombie Kong – So King Kong gets zombified. It happens. As a Cloven Rock suburb is trampled by his disintegrating, pustulating corpse, a service-sector ne’er-do-well who has yet to get laid decides to take advantage of this crisis and go on a rampage. The Forty-Year-Old Virgin subverted.

I had already reviewed his novel Into Hell on an earlier post which focuses on a woman’s descent into Old Scratch’s domain. You gotta read it.

This Canuck has horror on the brain and he even writes songs about it. Here we have a talent who loves this genre and so much so that he dedicates his entire soul to it and you’ll be sure to enjoy being disgusted as much as he does when you read.

I just HAD to add this tune by the Misfits because it perfectly describes what you will experience while you try to read this mighty man’s wordsmithing –

I promise – All hell breaks loose in every one of this writer’s purchases.

Author Spotlight – Andersen Prunty

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I am going to try this exercise out for now. Author spotlights which focus on writers I have been following. My first in the stable is Andersen Prunty.


Wow. This guy is a forerunner of the Bizarro movement. Bizarro is a writing genre which cares nothing for conformity in any way, shape or form. Expect pop culture references (BAD ones) and squids, porn, poop, failure, and heartbreak.

Prunty knows these attributes well and sculpts his tales like a post-po-mo Giacometti or a tarnished Brancusi. He fears no subject matter and no taboo is sacred.  While reading, enjoy disgusting sex, chronic alcoholism, Satanism, retardation, body odor, foul fluids and a crushing sense of oppression that you cannot pinpoint but in a nightmare.

These topics are all written with a spoonful of love. Sincere love.

Andersen hates what you hate, but are afraid to voice. Likewise, he loves what you are ashamed to lust for.

The Undead American Male, cuckolding, depression, oppression, abuse, racism, anti-racism, suicide, and hopeless plans for self-improvement are all fair game within his pages.

I’ve stated before that he is a Graham Greene of the 21st century, and I will not say that lightly. Many Bizarro authors will spin yarns that heap on piles upon piles of confusion-soaked gore and nonsense from the safety of their honeyed retreats, but Andersen Prunty is not afraid of his pain – or yours!

His books are Tex Avery cartoons that will make you cry. They are Disney productions that just may result in suicide.

This is not horror.  This is what you may feel when the lights go out and your bad day continues into Dreamland.

The best books are:

Overwhelming Urge – a survey into Prunty’s flash fiction. This tome gives you a good look at what he writes and what you can expect from some of his meatier compositions.

Fuckness – A chronicle of a poor child thrust on an adventure to save himself from a world that hates him. A  Lord of the Rings where Mount Doom is right in your backyard.

Jack and Mr. Grin – Why did you love her? Was she worth it?

Fill the Grand Canyon and Live Forever – Pick yourself up and kill the system.  Just wean yourself off Xanax and Wendy’s hamburgers first.

Zerostrata – Your family is full of shit.

Satanic Summer – Are you pitching for the right team? Is there one in the first place or do both forces serve the same foul master? You must decide for yourself by the end. Maybe you’re just gullible.

The Sorrow King  – Suicide may not be your decision. Sometimes, it’s unavoidable, but why?

Some of his books are not so heavy. Slag Attack, although steeped in subtext, is a post-apocalyptic survival romp and The Sex-Beast of Scurvy Island is a pornographic parody of porn-culture and Scooby-Doo.

Here we have an author to be reckoned with. He is able to take Bizarro and give such an inhuman movement humanity and I feel that is where he rises above so many of the writers in this stable. Take Lloyd Kauffman plus Harmony Korine and fuse him with David Lynch and Gaspar Noe. A true Breughel of the 21st century.

If you don’t know who any of these directors are – You suck!

I Won the Booker Award!

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Last month I won the Booker Award for The Ancients and the Angels. Not the Booker Prize, mind you, but the award for authors who refuse to live in the real world. And that’s all right by me. Why, I just had my astro-natal chart configured for my birthday and it said that my grasp on reality is being tested. I’ll buy that for a dollar.

Author of Catharsis, Lada Ray passed this amazing award to me and the rule is that it must be paid forward from one author to another. The recipient must also have that extra something which is outsider to garden variety literature. An element that mavericks beyond what you would normally find on the NYT Bestsellers. So, since she had already won, I suppose I can’t slap it back at her. No worries, there are are about five other authors out there as richly deserving as her. Not much more, but I think I can find five.

1) Andersen Prunty – King of Bizarro literature. If this guy wrote a grocery list, I’d buy it. He transcends much of what his fellow stablemates of this new genre release in that it still maintains a very human element. As I was once a Buckeye, I can appreciate his focus on SW-Ohio drama. Don’t laugh if you’ve never lived in Cincinnati.

2) James Roy Daley – The new king of Horror. No shit. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, the future of that genre is in Canada and JR is, in my opinion, the guy to follow now that Steve King is, well – that dude should seriously retire. (So should George Romero). Read Terror Town. No, seriously – read it!

3) Bryant Delafosse – Author of The Mall, I can’t wait to read more from this guy. Warps time, milieu and can whip up an amazing premise that hooks you into the drama to come. You gotta read his stuff.

4) Andrzej Sapkowski – Author of The Witcher series. Polish fantasist who takes the time-beaten genre of low fantasy and takes it as low as you can get.

5) Maureen F. McHugh – Her anthology After the Apocalypse is a wonderful examination of what happens to people when the shit hits the fan. She throws all kinds of situations and analyzes how people, especially women, cope and deal with the stressors of life right after the lights go out.

So there’s the who’s-who of this wonderful award. I thank Lada Ray again for passing this on and I wish you all the best!

The Men. The Legends. The Swap

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Yeah, I bought a book called “Dick Swap.” So what of it?

When I post this, my Twitter followers are sure to plummet.

Mate, Swap and Die

Never thought it could happen.  The tale is legendary amongst the Bizarro crowd. Dick Swap was unleashed to the public by Anderse, er…  I mean, Andy Boring.

A brilliant tale of love. Brotherly love. Never has a relationship been so sex-charged and yet – platonic.

Two broheimers, Keith and Kevin, have the unnatural talent of being able to swap their gonads. Hey, it can happen!  Well, I guess, but…

As their suburbanoid adventures to the local Applebee’s unfolds, the swapping continues. On one fateful evening of milquetoast debauchery, one of these coveted organs gets ganked by a selfish conquest. Who’s laughing now?

An “epic” quest for the right to male genitalia ensues across the wide nation of America in thirty-five pages of whopping glory! There’s even a police shootout!

It’s like Thelma and Louise for dudes with no attention span.

Despite the vainglorious action permeating the story, the reader can sleep soundly knowing that there is always Applebee’s.

Winner,winner. Chicken dinner.

In Review: How To Kill Yourself

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No, this isn’t a pro-suicide entry by any means. C.V. Hunt’s novella How to Kill Yourself is funny, irreverent and a bit touching. It really blends genres well in its under-one-hundred pages. Gory horror, Bizarro distortions and even gushy angelic love affairs – like the kind that Yours Truly pens.
One big, gigantic problem with the book – it’s too short.

I’m stupid!

First off, there is so much going on that it demands adventure on epic proportions. A battle for Purgatory. Death herself hiding out in the burbs as a crusty-punk junkie. The Devil in a love affair with the angel who is entitled to rule over the Purgatum. The only problem is that he doesn’t love her back. She is the Devil, after all.
Hey, I know well that less can be more, but in this case, I really need more! As far as the wordsmithing and such, Hunt can spin a well-written yarn. I just wish she had used more yarn. I have to wonder if the book is a sketch for a grander scheme to be released at a later date. Perhaps? Please say “yes,” Ms. Hunt, because the story is so much fun!
You’ll understand the title of the book as you read because it refers to the method of travel between dimensions. I won’t say much more on that, but I was itching to see more of the already-fleshed-out characters going about with more incident and situations.
Being primarily Bizarro, you can’t expect thick, Russian literature, as most works in this genre pride themselves on brevity and open-ended scenarios. As they say in comic-booking – “one thing after another.”
Hunt ties everything up well, it’s just that the ride wasn’t long enough. I’d love to see this tale return in full glory one day if she has the time or interest.


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