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In Response to Lisa Frideborg-Lloyd: The Power of Writing

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Earlier today, I had stumbled upon my friend’s Tweet in regards to her blog about writer’s block and twenty-three ways an author/blogger can overcome it. It had some great tips, pointers and activities. You can read about it at Lisa Frideborg-Lloyd’s blog, Seer Pathways.

Lisa’s spirituality is pretty eclectic, and I’m not sure if she’s a Theosophist like me, but practically everything she posts causes me to nod my head, laugh or flat-out cheer on. So, don’t quote me, but I dig her blogs.

Lisa Frideborg-Lloyd

Lisa Frideborg-Lloyd

Anyway, many of the comments stated that writer’s block was a rarity for them, and I was amongst that lot.

In my comment, I had noted that writing is spelling, ergo, casting a spell.

I’m not going into a history of human language here, but in response to my comment, I would like to elaborate a bit.

In Kabbalah, the power of words is intrinsically linked with the universal language of numbers. Each scale of numbers is sectioned by a power of ten. This works for the human species inherently, mainly because we have ten digits, or fingers. The root of all human perception of mathematics and, ultimately, spelling is designed around our action-oriented tool of ten fingers. You don’t have fingers; you don’t have the body process to manipulate human will as we have been naturally designed (although challenged people can overcome this!).

So, say if we were a species that only had six digits in total, we’d design our mathematics to fit into a series of six. Our spelling would fall in suit with that biological paradigm.

We also write (spell) with our fingers as the driving impetus. No great surprise at all here.

As I’ve blogged before about the nature of spelling, I’ve stated there that spelling is Kabbalah-based. When you spell, you practice magick. I don’t care if you are a Hellfire-and-Brimstone Evangelical who vehemently fears magick, if you’ve ever written a cheque – you’ve just cast a spell, buddy. Sorry, but every school that teaches your child how to spell may as well be Hogwarts – and that’s ALL of them.

Why do people spell? What drives a person to write? The answer is the caster’s sympathetic action in desire for a physical or emotional reaction out of the human object. Spelling makes the world go ‘round, but in a way that convinces others to bend upon the writer’s (the agent’s) will.

Whether you are a cop writing a ticket, a kid posting a note on the refrigerator, a doctor writing a prescription, a novelist writing an omnibus or a politician promulgating legislation, you are casting a spell. You are attempting to evoke a response out of your human target(s).

Of course, all humans have free will to disregard or resist the spelling. We could toss that script or ticket in the garbage. We have the ability, the choice, to ignore the note or break the legislation enforced upon our community’s will. This all depends upon the power of the caster versus the will of the object, as all spells can fizzle.



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